The aim of this website is to provide patients with neurosurgical problems, particularly those with brain tumors or spinal tumors, with a basic understanding of neurosurgical language. Patients and families should be trained to pose relevant and pertinent questions to their doctors.
The site is not intended to be a guide, to dictate guidelines or give fixed and indubitable therapeutic indications.
Medicine is all but an "exact" science, i.e. nothing is mathematical. Each of us is a unique "biological being". What is valid for one person is not necessarily valid for all.
This is particularly true in neurosurgery, although it has significantly changed in the past 25 years thanks to technical advancements and has become more scientific and safer.
The site presents the activity of the Neurosurgical Division of the "Regina Elena" National Cancer Institute (Rome, Italy) and also deals with medical controversies.
It is always quite difficult to walk the paths of scientific dissemination. While apologizing for the technicalities, the Author hopes that the contents of the site will be useful also to family doctors having patients with brain tumors or spinal tumors.
The images are from the Author's personal archive.

The contents of this website was written and edited by Alfredo Pompili MD, Neurosurgical Division of the "Regina Elena" Institute, Rome, Italy.
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